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Johnson Controls

Building Management System

With the help of Johnson Controls, we create healthier, more productive building environments that offer energy savings and sustainable solutions. No matter if it is for homeowners, schools or large military installations, their technology and services give us the best results. We provide the facilities with a set of autonomous and intelligent activities that help meet your goals of comfort at home, a better learning environment for children, better experiences of airport users, city councils, ...

Data Processing Centers

With an estimated 50 million connected devices by 2020, businesses are faced with an urgent need to store and protect their data.

Together with Jonhson Controls we are ready to help you develop an optimal data center solution - reliable, efficient, cost-effective - for a single location or multiple locations. We provide the control, flexibility and security necessary to handle the growing volumes of data.

We take advantage of over 130 years of history in building efficiency. In addition, we have the operational experience of dozens of data centers and numerous other critical facilities throughout Spain

Colleges and Universities

Students who feel comfortable and happy in their physical environment actually have a better chance of doing well in school. In fact, reports show that students in well-maintained facilities score up to 10 percent higher than the rest.

With Johnson Controls we provide building systems, equipment, technology integration and know-how to create and maintain a good learning environment.

Our team of experts takes into account the unique features of each project and customize a solution that creates quality environments to meet the needs of students and staff.

Office buildings

People choose to live in areas that provide them with great services and improve their quality of life. And as your community grows, your economy thrives.

Along with Johnson Controls we can improve all the functional aspects of the companies that provide this type of services. Optimization of water supply, implementation of renewable energy systems, control of electricity consumption, access control, etc.


Johnson Controls has a strong line of residential air conditioning equipment, all designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Such equipment is built to last. In fact, they subject them to the most corrosive environments and extreme climatic conditions in their testing facilities, to ensure that they offer the quality that you and your customers expect. Many of your units have received the ENERGY STAR® label.

Each product is designed with precision and tested to the most rigorous standards.


In hospitals, we focus our attention on the patient through the strategic integration of our technology. The result: better patient stay, as well as considerable savings.

Yes, it is about providing installers with equipment and expertise to create and maintain quality, sustainability and a healthy environment.

Clearly, efficiency comes in many forms. Considering that the time of hospital staff, the budget of the facility, and the technologies used inside the building are all factors that play a vital role in the success of a health center, whether it is an outpatient care center or a single hospital.


Whether industrial facilities are 100 years old or are in the design phase, the use of intelligent technology is the key to achieving fully connected, operationally efficient, safe and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

With the elements of automation of buildings called Metasys we can build the nerve center that integrates all the existing technology in the installation. This, the HVAC system indicates operations to control levels of comfort, lighting, production, fluid distribution, maximize the operational efficiency of installation personnel and increase the visibility of the data flow in the operating systems that provide data in real time to make immediate and long-term decisions.

Sport centers

Today's sports fans are connected. With the teams, other followers and even the sports center. The need to create a social experience during the game, as well as beyond the field of play, has never been greater.

No matter how old the building is, the strategy of keeping a location connected is a winning choice. Integration technology enhances the amateur experience, provides security and protection, and improves operational efficiency.

Innovative applied and integrated technologies for stadiums are endless, all focus on creating a new experience for fans and generating positive financial results. With Johnson Controls we link consumer technologies such as web services, point of sale systems, digital signage and concessions, operational components such as free Wi-Fi and centralized lighting control, as well as access control, fire / security and digital voice evacuation. All this in order to ensure the increasing demands and expectations of intelligent technology


Every day, executives and airport staff meet the needs of a city-sized population. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers, tenants, employees and visitors. It is therefore essential that airport facilities operate at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

Johnson Controls offers technology solutions that improve passenger satisfaction and safety, while improving business operations.

Our building automation systems using the Metasys® components become the nerve center of this whole mix of existing technology. It connects everything from airport security, fire detection and access control controls, check-in systems and baggage handling. It also communicates with the air conditioning systems to monitor the levels of comfort and lighting, as well as the management of escalators and moving walkways, all a management that increases energy efficiency.

A case of international success

Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California

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¡ The most advanced construction technology for
one of the most intelligent sports stadiums in the world!

Guests attending events at the new Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, interact with the nerve center of this smart facility, launching a series of coordinated actions designed specifically to optimize their comfort, safety and experience.

The lights come on. Temperatures are adjusted. Security systems respond and energy consumption is optimized to manage the most efficient use of resources.

In 2014, NBA basketball team Sacramento Kings decided to design a building with a 100% power consumption based on solar energy with 17,500 seats, taking advantage of the latest technological discoveries to achieve these sustainability goals.

Owners opted for Johnson Controls, a more experienced supplier and system integration expert, to create a smarter, safer and more sustainable building.

Using Metasys® equipment in the construction of automation systems, the owners were able to
to connect air conditioning, safety and fire protection equipment in one integrated platform.

Metasys® provides the control elements needed to save energy, increase productivity and improve the building user experience of the occupants.


Johnson Controls becomes Official Part of the Sacramento Kings Building.
The results obtained with the association with Johnson Controls:

- Smarter, safer and more sustainable operation.

- Users of the building show great satisfaction with the changes made.

- An agreement is reached with a System Optimization Planning Service to meet the comfort, safety and sustainability objectives throughout the life cycle of the facility.

- Steps are taken to achieve the international LEED GOLD certification.

Metasys enables smart integrations for smart buildings

As Johnson Controls worked with maintenance staff, owners and installers of the KINGS, a number of strategic keys were identified about the use of the building control system.

The Golden 1 Center hosts concerts by international artists as well as the spectacle of NBA games and other sporting events.
The maintenance chief of the building pointed out that it was more important to get a system that would keep its occupants safe and at a comfortable temperature, not so much how it was to be used.

The automation of the data collection through the Metasys® devices was the solution, which allows the support for the development of control panels of the air conditioning and illumination of the same.

Johnson Controls Metays ® System

When attendees enter the Golden 1 Center to watch basketball games or concerts, Metasys® anticipates and optimizes air conditioning, lighting and safety systems to find the optimum point of comfort, safety and maximum performance.

Metasys® also monitors the consumption of water, gas, the automatic transfer of connection devices and emergency power, generators, etc. Allowing operators to respond to alerts about emergency power consumption to ensure optimal performance.

This dynamic feature is especially important given the unique design of the Golden 1 Center. The system is designed to take advantage of the air breezes that blow from the delta the Sacramento River. The floor of the track can be opened with five large double-fold gates to capture the phenomenon of free and natural cooling (FreeCooling). Metasys® resets the air conditioning systems when the gates are open, resulting in energy savings.

Mobile interface helps maintenance staff make better decisions

When fans take their seats to focus on the game, the maintenance staff has the flexibility to roam the facility and use the mobile access installed on their mobile devices to ensure that the building provides comfort and security in all sections of it

Metasys® displays the same information the staff would see if you sit in front of a desktop computer. They can monitor alerts and take corrective action. This ease of use was particularly important for Juan Rodríguez (Building Engineer):

"What I did not want was a system that intimidated the staff and made it uncomfortable. I wanted something the staff wanted to use."
Rodriguez said. "The staff sees this as something very easy to use ..."

Security and advanced design

Safety plays a critical role in any public place, and the KINGS relied on Johnson's proven experience.

The Johnson P2000 safety system controls all systems in one. It integrates access control, CCTV management, intrusion, intercoms and emergency telephones.

Integration means that Metasys® operators can respond to all events
of P2000. You can view alarm messages, send access control commands, and  create lock events.

The center of the security system is the Command and Control Center. It contains six 60-inch LCD monitors, where security personnel can see hundreds of closed-circuit television cameras positioned throughout the entire building. These same cameras are also visible to the public security authorities so they can react in a coordinated way in case of emergency. Additional public safety systems include emergency response buttons and emergency telephone booths. Access control is very well defined throughout the facility.
The global system contains over 200 access control points and includes more than 100 card access controls to ensure security for all those within the facility. Also included are a set of biometric readers that allow NBA players and Sacramento Kings staff to access reserved locations.