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Building Management System

With the help of all the manufacturers who comply with the KNX communications standard and as a KNX Partner company, our designs give solutions to comfort, energy efficiency, fire protection, electronic security, air conditioning products and security systems integration solutions

Seven reasons to choose KNX

Reduce the cost of design, installation and wiring.

It allows you to extend and modify the system unrestricted at all stages of its life cycle to ensure a safe and cost-effective investment over time.

The integration of new functions at any time.

Intelligent building management to reduce energy consumption (eg heating and lighting management depending on occupancy of facilities).

Simplicity of operation and visualization, providing the basis for reducing operating costs and optimizing the management and maintenance of buildings.

Maximize user comfort by generating value for investors.

Increased security of property and protection of people, at the same time of investment.

In response to the need for a reduction in the energy consumption of a set of villas installed in a tourist area of the Spanish coast, ACUyCOM designs a unit of control of single family house with the following functions:

Turning Off / Turning the Bathroom Lighting Circuit
Turning Off / On the Kitchen Lighting Circuits
Off / On lighting circuits on terrace and living room
Activation of 4 lighting scenes for the bedside tables of the master bedroom
Opening / Closing Master Bedroom Blinds
Automatic switch-on / off by presence sensor inside the bathroom

This project was developed with elements of the ABB manufacturer and is being presented as a closed unit control solution for installation in each of the homes that make up a set of housing estates.

Manufacturers Success Stories

Schneider - Electric