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Building Management System

With the help of Schneider Electric products, our designs have the following characteristics:

Easy to use

The TAC VISTA system, the most open, adaptable and with a simple technology.

Fire Detection

Maximum protection of people and property.

For both the small and medium building

With SmartStruxure Lite, more efficient and economical systems.

The most open and interoperable

With TAC I / A Series, maximum flexibility and interconnection.

Integrated solution

With SmartStruxure, easy and intuitive systems to obtain the best performance of a building.

Powerful and integrated

With TAC I / net, the best in integration, intrusion detection and fire.

A recent success story

Multipurpose building, Junta de Andalucía, Aurora Avenue, Malaga



The multi-service building, which houses several provincial delegations of the Board, changes its facade of color as one of the actions to improve its energy efficiency, with a total cost of 1.6 million euros from a grant from the European Union and carried out by the Compañía de Obras Castillejos, S.A. The objective is to obtain a saving of about 45,000 Euros per year.

The works on the facade are oriented to the optimization of the sun, so that the sun can enter in winter, when the solar radiation is less inclined, and the facade itself becomes a parasol in summer, when the inclination of the rays tends more to the vertical, avoiding the direct incidence in the hottest months. However, slat blinds are also placed in offices to avoid reflections in work areas.

The improvement activities in which ACUyCOM has collaborated are the following:

Air conditioning plants

31 Primary air conditioners

The control system performs the activation and configuration of a set of primary air conditioners, for each of them the user can define the automatic activation time, the operating setpoint temperature, the regulation of the air conditioning liquid valve , the control of the closing / opening of the external and return air gates, as well as the monitoring of the return, drive and outside temperatures.

Production and distribution

3 Refrigerating units, pumps and valves

The control system performs the activation / deactivation / monitoring of each of the three existing refrigeration groups, their primary and secondary circuit pumps, as well as the distribution to the different plant climate circuits, allowing the definition of up to four zones of impulse / return air conditioning liquid, by opening / closing a set of shut-off valves all / none.

Lighting control

Off / On circuits

The system turns off / on the 45 lighting circuits of the toilets, stairs and corridors and offices. It monitors the on / off status by monitoring the related activation alarms.

Energy consumption

Power Consumption Analyzers

Monitoring of the electrical consumption of each of the electrical panels in which the electrical installation of the building has been divided. They are all part of a MODBus data network and several models of the brand CIRCUTOR and DIRIS.


Status of the control elements

The system allows monitoring the communication status of each of the control elements and their signal connection modules, as well as the time programming status of the same.

Power consumption analyzer

Analyzers in refrigeration groups

For each refrigerator group, the energy values calculated by a set of energy consumption analyzers are monitored.

Andalusian Energy Agency


The integration of the data generated by the building control system is carried out in the SCADA of energy consumption monitoring of the Agencia Andaluza de la Energía.

Products used by the manufacturer




TAC XENTA 401, 301, 411, 421A, 491

Network Analyzers Integration

Integration of network analyzers, using a TAC XENTA 711


During the installation of the control system we interact with the staff of several companies, here are their opinions.

“Well, the truth is, this building has come out of stone age and has become a building of the 21st century. Practically, we almost do not have to review what was automated, everything works correctly ...”

“The building is now much easier to maintain, we can get much more functionality to the building and the users are more happy ...”