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Building Management System

With the help of SIEMENS products, our designs give solutions to comfort, energy efficiency, fire protection, electronic security, air conditioning products and security systems integration solutions:

Building Automation

Energy-efficient building automation and control systems that meet today's requirements: reliability, energy efficiency and optimization of costs and results, in short: investing in the future.

Solutions available in both Small Business Applications (SYNCO 700) and Medium / Large Business Applications (DESIGO)

Solutions that seek energy efficiency, to achieve maximum productivity and reduce operational costs, with transparent communication between heating, cooling, control of lights and blinds, distribution of low voltage energy, so that your buildings have high performance facilities . We seek to maximize efficiency!

Fire Safety

The uses and purposes for which the buildings are constructed are as diverse and suitable as fire protection measures. With more than 150 years of experience with fire and related phenomena, we can give you the right solution for your safety. As a manufacturer of active and global systems, with a wide range of products and systems, we can be your supplier for all safety requirements.

Innovative, value-added fire detection products and solutions ranging from protection to extinction and services throughout the life cycle of your building:

- Fire detection systems (more)
- Fire protection services (more)
- Danger Management System (more)
- Extinction (more)
- Evacuation (more)

Products and Control Systems

Air conditioning and lighting products, low energy consumption thanks to its range of efficient products. Siemens HVAC products offer a wide range for each area of use and for each technical application and each air conditioning system. An optimum air conditioning that guarantees a benefit due to the low operating and installation costs, as well as the high level of security:

- HVAC Control Products (more)
- KNX Products and Systems for Ambient Automation, Lighting and         HVAC (more)
- Fire Protection Products (more)

DESIGO CC - New management and control tool , 2016


Due to its open and modular design design approach, the integrated DESIGO CC building management platform is made for small and large buildings. The platform allows the management of buildings, the monitoring of electricity consumption, lighting and fire safety from a central location. This is possible thanks to the multiple communication protocols that the system can use to ensure communication with the different subsystems, even with third party systems.

Cozy feeling

The intelligent features of the DESIGO CC platform allow automatic adjustments to automated lighting and blinds depending on environmental changes in the building environment, such as the position of the sun, clouds or wind speed. This leads to a pleasant work environment where everyone can focus better on their work. For this, the user only has to select the sunny mode, or cloud mode and the system makes the adjustments automatically.

Reducing Costs

Thanks to the manual and automatic configurations, DESIGO CC reduces operating times and energy costs by activating the night mode or by activating the energy efficiency mode.

Open design

DESIGO CC integrates activities such as air conditioning, ventilation, electricity consumption, lighting, blind control, fire detection and security. It supports multiple communication protocols such as BACnet, OPC, KNX and Modbus. All components of Siemens and other manufacturers can be integrated easily and quickly


The modular architecture of DESIGO CC allows you to be flexible to incorporate all the necessary changes at any time and without much effort. Modifications to the scheme of the rooms of the building, as well as the expansion of the functionalities are made easy.

Enhancing functionality

DESIGO CC helps in the optimization of the installation. A set of high-availability applications allow you to obtain quality reports and analysis of large amounts of data. For example, trend comparison shows devices that have obtained similar values today and / or in previous days. All this helps make decisions faster and more effective. The productivity of the users of the building increases significantly.

Anywhere, anytime

All activities can be managed by DESIGO CC from the same platform, via remote access, from any device, place and time. DESIGO CC will inform you of any event via mobile phone and process the alarm immediately.

DESIGO CC, a management system that will make history



"For managers, CEOs, and investors, the performance of the company's buildings and the public image are very important. That's where Desigo comes in. With this management system you can increase operational performance and improve the image of the company and its investments.

With Desigo CC, you can guarantee the continuous operation of your company and its buildings. Desigo CC combines all the services of the building in a single platform, and from this platform can be managed, controlled and supervised all the systems. If necessary, you can also manage an individual system. the data analysis functions give you a solid foundation for decision making in order to get maximum performance. 

When you're competing to recruit employees, specialists, or senior managers, the quality of the work environment plays a key role. With Desigo CC, you can increase the safety and comfort of the installation. Building occupants, whether customers or employees, will simply feel at ease in their environment, and their productivity will increase. This results in a positive image and a clear distinction that sets it apart from its competitors. 

Companies that take sustainability seriously into their business policy are highly valued by customers. With Desigo, its buildings will operate with high energy efficiency and a policy of conservation of resources, which will reduce CO2 emissions in the long term, something that will benefit your corporate image more. Creating a healthier work environment will also influence the productivity of your employees. 

Compliance with legislation is becoming more stringent. But with DESIGO CC, you will always be safe, due to its high quality. DESIGO CC meets even the strictest standards. It allows to monitor all consumption trends, as well as making comparisons with other facilities and rooms. 

The comprehensive design of the system and construction functions combined with maintenance and remote monitoring provide balanced performance every day of the year. With DESIGO CC we offer global coverage unlike that offered by any other competitor. That means you can get support around the world throughout your entire life cycle, from planning, consulting and installation, as well as commissioning and maintenance. "


"Only companies that rely on tangible management systems are truly prepared for the future. With Desigo CC, you can take advantage of intelligent synergies, efficient energy consumption, drastic reduction of investment costs, operation and energy costs.

The facilities of Desigo CC demonstrate that it is very reduce operating costs by up to 20 percent. These savings can be attributed in part to the fact that Desigo CC allows you to systematically use synergies. You can control the platform at any time and place via remote access, and you only need to operate and maintain a single system. 

Thorough use of energy is not only important for the environment, but also for cost-effectiveness. Most of the costs can be attributed to energy consumption. Desigo CC determines the energy saving potential of all buildings and also analyzes the data of each of the subsystems. This allows you to optimize the consumption, production and acquisition of energy through the control diagrams and ensure that your buildings are operating with maximum energy efficiency. 

If you want to plan the future, you need to be able to respond flexibly to daily needs. Desigo CC meets this challenge with its open design. Expansions can be made at any time, and the system easily adapts to changes in and for the building. Thanks to the open design, you can replace or add systems in the building at any time, whether they come from Siemens or other suppliers. Both users and administrators of its facilities will benefit from the open design and work continuously, without interruptions. It is the best guarantee for the protection of your investment "


"For you, as a manager or general manager, the comfort offered by your buildings to employees, occupants, and customers is an important issue. Everyone needs a pleasant environment in order to work without being bothered. In addition, safety plays a key role in the added value of a building and here Desigo CC makes an important contribution.

The Comprehensive Building Management Platform, Desigo CC, ensures that all systems work intelligently as a whole. The platform synchronizes the inputs of different construction systems so that users can master each situation intelligently daily. This increases the well-being of the occupants of the building and creates a good working environment where everyone feels comfortable. 

The security of buildings is one of the main challenges of the 21st century. The innovative safety and fire protection system from Desigo CC includes everything you need for comprehensive protection: access control, video surveillance, fire safety, intrusion, etc. With these characteristics, the system offers maximum security to all occupants of the building. 

Desigo CC detects and analyzes unusual behavior in building systems and reacts proactively and transparently. In the event of a fire, for example, the potential damage can be minimized by combining a wide variety of systems integrated in Desigo CC: 

- The cameras can be used to verify the site. 

- Ventilation systems can be adjusted to prevent smoke from spreading. 

- The fire protection dampers are closed. 

- If a positive air pressure is required, it can be generated in other smoke-free areas to prevent smoke from entering. 

- The system can activate the control of escape routes, communicating with the access control system. 


All these factors significantly reduce the risk of fire and resulting damage to people and property. "