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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Usually for the creation and / or supervision of BMS (Building Management System) environments we use a visualization and data acquisition system (SCADA). There are many SCADA in the market, in RELIANCE we have found one that stands out for its flexibility in the development of complex applications through scripts, allows the visualization not only from the PC of the control room or the web browser and from a tablet or smartphone. An intuitive SCADA that allows to create impressive applications, with more than 15 years of experience in the market.

Main Features

More than 15 years of presence in the market.
Economical licenses from 25 tags.
Creating large applications.
Thousands of installations on 5 continents

Other features

Visualization on PC, web, tablet, smartphone.
It allows to create applications in network, with the access by means of light clients.
A very easy to use user environment.
A cost adapted to the number of signals.


Modular and scalable system.
Extensive library of 2D and 3D graphics.
Support IP cameras access.
Maintenance and use reports.
Wrong environment environment log.
Projects with multiple languages.
Integrated diagnostics.
Server redundancy.
Record data in file and SQL databases.
Window templates and data structure.
System with access rights.
Secure access to data.
Implementation of Scripts, using VBScript.


Native communication drivers: Modbus, BACnet, IEC8505-5-104, M-Bus, Teco, WAGO, etc.
Free OPC client integrated in each module.
Free OPC server integrated in each module.
OPC server for data exchange with other systems.
Sending SMS and emails.
Interface with other systems.
Secure Communications

Range of use

RELIANCE is used in industrial, residential and intelligent buildings. From the visualization of an individual machine to international applications with production plants or monitoring of traffic installations or networks of water, gas and energy supply.

Fields of application

Home automation control systems.
Immobile Control Systems.
Traffic control systems.
Thermoelectric and hydroelectric plants.
Generation and distribution of gas and energy.
Chemical industry.
Wind farms.
Industrial water treatment.
Potable Water Treatment Station.
Production lines.
Brewing industry.
Meat processing plants and food processing.
Glass factories.
Monitoring of intelligent buildings.
HVAC control in buildings.
Community heating by districts.

Success stories

Monitoring of DPCs and Switch Rooms


The facilities are housed in an office building and contain 2 CPD rooms and 7 air-conditioned switch rooms, from which you want to monitor their temperature, humidity, condition of the air conditioners and energy consumption. In addition, the client requests the study of a solution that involves the sending of SMS messages and / or emails to a set of users about a set of maximum and minimum values for the quantities previously expressed.



Temperatures / Humidity / Smoke / Presence

The system registers and monitors both the temperature and humidity of each of the related rooms and racks.
Controls the activation / deactivation of existing air conditioners.
Detects the existence of smoke, flood and condensation both in the rooms and in the racks.
It detects the presence of people inside each of the rooms outside a normal user-definable schedule.

Energy consumption

The system registers and monitors the electrical, voltage and power consumption values of each of the power circuits of each of the existing racks, both by the emergency power supply (UPS) and the normal one.

SMS Protocol

Depending on the SMS alarm thresholds, the system sends SMS messages to a set of users (within a user-definable schedule), related to the critical or warning values defined in the system.
In addition, it allows the user to interact with the system by sending SMS, allowing authorized users to activate / deactivate sending messages and obtain a summary of the temperatures detected in each of the rooms.


Depending on thresholds for sending an alarm via e-mail, the system sends e-mail messages to a set of users (within a user-definable schedule) related to the critical or warning values defined in the system.



SCADA selected for the implementation of user screens, registration and monitoring of all values of the magnitudes considered in the system in the system database and sending SMS messages and emails with critical and / or informative notices defined.

WAGO 750

Programmable PLC, with multiple data capture cards, with MODBUS IP protocol, responsible for data capture and communication with room air conditioners via MOBUS RS485 protocol.


Set of sensors that detect temperature, humidity, condensation in racks and trays of air conditioners, as well as flooding of technical floors.


GPRS modem with RS232 communication port, for sending SMS.