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Network video solutions for all sectors

With the integration of Axis products we offer you a wide range of solutions for a wide spectrum of segments and applications. Our solutions guarantee a simple installation and maximum flexibility to adapt to your new needs.
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Banking and finances

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Safe Cities

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Critical infrastructures

Citizen security






Hotels and restaurants

Penitentiary centers

Stadiums and large enclosures

Data Centers

Smart Solutions


In the case of retail, video surveillance systems have traditionally been used to ensure protection and safety. Network video solutions with Axis involve the optimization of these systems not only by real-time HDTV image quality and recording, but also by combining this with the latest intelligent video functions and value analysis tools incalculable in the market. This allows you to improve your entire business, from protection, security and loss prevention to marketing strategies and business operations. In this way, you can make the most of your investment and make profits faster


Many administrations and companies have already discovered the benefits of the unique advantages of Axis transport. It provides sharp images, both in real time and on recordings. It allows any authorized person to access the information from anywhere and at any time. Activates automatic alerts and alarms in case of incidents. And it creates a cost-effective, flexible and future-proof video surveillance platform.

Banking and finances

Technology is progressing at a dizzying pace and with every new step being taken by financial institutions (from expanding the ATM network to opening the door to online banking), criminals devise new ways to circumvent security measures. With Axis network video solutions, you can add features at your own pace, from encoders and cameras to proactive security measures and video-intelligence solutions. You can also connect Axis solutions with other IP-based systems, such as fire alarms and access control systems.

Network video integrates the benefits of digital imaging into a security solution. Thanks to the remote access and management of the video, it will be easier than ever to access the images and put it in the hands of the police if you need it.

Safe Cities

Ensuring safety is one of the main missions of any city, because feeling safe is one of the inalienable rights of any citizen. But as the population grows and cities face new challenges, such as environmental impact, criminal activity and budget cuts, creating a truly safe city is becoming more complicated.

With the implementation of its integrated digital surveillance system, you can see what happens in every corner of your city as it happens. Computers can act as sensors, giving you real-time information that can help you:

  • Protect your citizens and city facilities more effectively.
  • Improve the image of your city.
  • Deter the vandals and reduce repair costs.
  • Reduce the time of criminal investigations thanks to clear and high quality images.

Critical infrastructures

When you are responsible for a critical installation you must be prepared for all kinds of threats. Any event, from incidents or robberies to terrorist attacks or natural disasters, can cause disruption of processes and safety hazards. With Axis surveillance solutions you can manage some of these complex situations and make sure your installation works the best it can.

With Axis solutions you can do the following:

  • Detect, locate and identify intruders on the door, perimeter and at any point in critical areas.
  • Make the most of the use of modern HDTV security cameras, including multiventry transmission, which allows a single HD camera to function as if they were several, and digital PTZ functionality, which allows the viewer to zoom in areas essential for interpretation any suspicious event.
  • Take advantage of the PTZ, both operator-controlled and automatically, including automatic tracking, whereby the camera follows a person moving automatically, or the surveillance round, in which the camera automatically moves between preset positions to continuously monitor many sensitive areas.
  • Record video scenes in great detail thanks to the HDTV image quality and use them for future analysis.
  • Use thermal cameras to detect people, vehicles and incidents, even in total darkness.
  • Deploy an open platform that can be integrated with other systems in your facility, step by step.

Citizen security

Public safety and urban maintenance is a matter of great importance for public administration. It is vital to ensure that citizens and officials are not confronted with immediate threats or criminal actions.

Video surveillance has proven to be an effective prevention tool to create a safer environment in public areas, such as:

Ministries and Town Halls, Courts and Prisons, Customs and Immigration Offices, Museums, Transport and Infrastructure Centers, Public Environments, etc.



All too often, we find news about educational facilities that have been the victims of vandalism, violence, or theft. As a result, valuable resources are wasted in complicated repair and research. The Axis IP video solution allows you to keep all your attention on your main dedication: education. In addition, you will have a profitable tool and prepared for the future, with which you will be able to:

Increase the safety of students and teachers; avoid violence and theft; minimize the costs of vandalism; investigate incidents and identify suspects, etc.


Are you looking for a way to improve overall safety in your hospital or healthcare facility?

And at the same time allow high-quality patient monitoring to increase everyday effectiveness?

With a network video and access control solution Axis will have an efficient tool to:

  • Effectively monitor critical areas such as emergency rooms, psychiatric departments or restricted areas
  • Prevent insurance theft and fraud
  • Rapidly assess incidents and take action
  • Track template movements with ease
  • Create a future-proof and scalable surveillance platform
  • Safeguard medical records and records


Factories, warehouses and production plants usually store raw materials and valuable goods that make them a very attractive prey for thefts. Therefore, it is vital to have an efficient surveillance system capable of protecting your facilities and everything inside. There are already many industries that rely on Axis network video solutions and benefit from features such as:

  • Automatic alerts when someone accesses the perimeter or a restricted zone
  • Night vision and thermal imaging
  • HDTV-quality video footage with great detail
  • Real-time access to live and recorded images
  • Easy-to-install outdoor cameras


Controlling the security of a casino is a particularly complex mission. Not only do you have to protect your customers and employees, but also your interests and, at the same time, comply with the strict regulations of the sector. And if we add extra difficulties such as complicated lighting, high ceilings and the need to capture smaller shapes and more changing colors, the challenge is maximum. Axis is at your service to always win the game and helps you:

  • Protect customers and employees in the most discreet way
  • Control in detail the actions of the game
  • Investigate incidents efficiently and identify fraudulent behavior
  • Monitor all areas of your casino.

Do not be fooled

In an environment where activity never ceases, it is important to have security 24 hours a day to avoid any kind of trap and in addition, this security must be infallible. Axis network video solutions, known for their flexibility and reliability, give you the opportunity to monitor all areas of your casino. Control slot machines, tables, cash handling areas, corridors, entrances and exits, car parks and any other space, and all respecting constantly changing sector regulations.

Card symbols, chip colors, or transactions between staff and guests are just a few of the details you need to be able to see. Given the difficult lighting conditions and the variation of reflexes in sudden rapid movements, this is a reliable system that will respond to your daily surveillance needs. The megapixel resolution and Axis HDTV quality will help you achieve even greater efficiency in monitoring the most sensitive areas

Business Applications

It is no surprise that video cameras are an important component of an effective building safety system. However, there are those who do not know that not all cameras are manufactured in the same way. Or, they do not know that network video solutions based on Axis products not only protect people and property, but also save money and protect profits by:

  • Sharper images regardless of conditions
  • Intelligent analysis, alerts and integration
  • Solutions that grow with your business
  • Cost-effective access control
  • Use of optimized energy
  • Analysis and integration to ensure profitable operations
  • High-definition TV picture quality visual recordings
  • Wide portfolio of products to meet all needs
  • Remote monitoring and alerts
  • Minimum bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Expandable and future-proof solutions

Hotels  y restaurants

If you work in a fast-food restaurant, you have to control a thousand things at once. The pace is fast and long queues form in the restaurant and in the car collection window. In addition, you need to be aware of employee behavior and fake credit cards. All this before you even start thinking about the benefits. What if we could lend a hand with all these challenges? Axis is the world leader in network video and offers you the most advanced security systems on the market. Axis network video solutions go far beyond traditional surveillance because they allow you to improve many aspects of your business apart from security. For example, you can:

  • Protect customers and employees
  • Monitor the establishment with the utmost discretion
  • Improve payment security.
  • Improve hotel operation and staff management

Penitentiary centers

The supervision of a correctional facility is not only about protecting prisoners, but also about improving the work processes and behavior of inmates. Axis network video solutions provide your staff and authorities with real-time images from any of your cameras for an overview of the situation. In addition, video recorded in high definition helps to resolve the cause of an incident, such as a vandalism, an assault or a robbery.

With the integration of Axis products, you will have a flexible and future-proof surveillance solution that will allow you to:

  • Immediate access to live images and video recorded from any computer or authorized mobile device
  • Seamless integration with your access control system, fire and smoke alarms or emergency push buttons for quick verification and response
  • Reduce the number of false alarms
  • Maximum efficiency in the investigation thanks to the fast access to the video images, with a quality admitted in judicial processes
  • Protection of the perimeter with a cost-effective solution

Both the days and the nights are a challenge for the safety of your facilities. Our video solutions for correctional facilities will help you overcome them by offering:

  • Aggression-proof cameras for cost-effective operation and maintenance
  • Automatic motion and sound alerts for immediate detection of actual or potential incidents
  • Automatic tamper alarm to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • Thermal cameras for automatic detection of vehicles and people in absolute darkness

Stadiums and large enclosures

Stadiums and locations present similar challenges to their owners. Large crowds meet for short periods of time. They expect high operational efficiency, feel safe and without incident.

Axis video solutions help you ensure visitor satisfaction by providing relevant information to users so they can make decisions.

With Axis, you will have a flexible and future-proof surveillance solution that will allow you to:

  • Access to high definition video live or recorded from any computer or authorized mobile device
  • Seamless integration with your access control system, fire and smoke alarms or emergency push buttons for quick verification and response
  • Automatic alerts in case of access to unauthorized zones or penetration in the perimeter monitored
  • Maximum efficiency in the investigation of incidents thanks to the fast access to the video images, with a quality admitted in judicial processes
  • Centralized monitoring for optimal control of traffic and visitors.

With each event, your venue has to face new challenges. Our innovative network video solutions help you overcome them by:

  • Efficient supervision of entrances, exits, lockers, emergency exits, stairs and food and beverage stands
  • Cameras with horizontal / vertical motion and zoom with high definition to have panoramic views with a great level of detail
  • Automatic camera tamper alarm to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • Quick and easy access to recorded video
  • Aggression-proof cameras for cost-effective operation and maintenance

Data Centers

Data centers harbor the heart and brain of their operations and therefore are a constant target of physical and virtual attacks. We are aware that data protection calls for reliable, standards-compliant surveillance and security systems and, throughout our history, we have provided data centers around the world with proven surveillance solutions.
With Axis' innovative network video solutions, your business can enjoy significant advantages:

  • Greater protection and more security
  • More efficient operations
  • Reduced bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Reduction of the environmental impact.

Smart Solutions with IP Video

Current IP security systems offer solutions that go well beyond traditional surveillance. With features such as detection, recognition, counting or automatic tracking, as well as numerous integration options, can help you improve security, optimize your operations and achieve competitive advantages for your business. Discover some of the most popular solutions for typical applications marketed by ACUyCOM.
Standalone surveillance solutions
Face Recognition
Recognition of enrollment
Surveillance in vehicles
People counting
Perimeter protection
Sound Detection

Standalone surveillance solutions

It is sometimes necessary to have first-level surveillance, but only for a certain period of time. And in other cases, what should be protected are installations located at remote points. In both cases, it is often too complex or costly to install a specific network infrastructure for a traditional surveillance system.

And this is where our autonomous surveillance solutions come into play. They are easy and quick to install, but they offer state-of-the-art features.

Reliable monitoring without a physical network

The solution consists of several IP cameras and / or video door phones, a preconfigured box with an integrated 4G / LTE router and software for video management and remote viewing. After installation, you will enjoy:

- Remote access to high resolution video live or recorded from any computer or smartphone with authorization
- Automatic alerts for perimeter activity and intrusions
- Easy integration with access control and alarm systems
- A reliable, scalable and flexible monitoring solution that does not require a physical network in the monitored installations

This comprehensive security solution can be used for many different applications. These include:

- Temporary public events such as election rallies, concerts, marathons or festivals

- Works, to guarantee your safety or report your progress through the Internet

- Works on the road network, where the administration needs a live visualization to manage the traffic in the best possible way

- Critical infrastructures for reliable supervision of remote or unmanned installations

In temporary installations such as events or works, it is possible to use the same equipment several times, making this option even more profitable.

Face Recognition

Whether you need to recognize a person, or verify their authorization, a camera equipped with facial recognition software is an extremely effective solution. It can help you improve your customer service and protect your facility by identifying potential customers or potential offenders.
Facial recognition is the perfect complement to your current surveillance system, because it allows you to improve the security and customer experience in real time..

Facial recognition software looks for the faces that appear in the video in real time in a database with images of faces previously saved. The faces of the database can be divided into different categories according to their purpose (access control, detection of VIPs or identification of known offenders).

When the camera captures a face, the database is searched in real time and, depending on the result, access is denied or allowed, or an alarm is triggered so that the persons responsible for the control can take the appropriate measures.

With the collaboration of other software companies, we offer facial recognition solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

- VIP identification in high-end casinos, hotels or retail stores

- Detecting people in search and capture at airports

- Integration with access control systems in commercial and corporate buildings

- Lists of people wanted or not welcome in stadiums, retail stores or casinos.

Recognition of enrollment

Traditionally, license plate recognition (LPR) had been an expensive and useful procedure in only a limited number of applications. However, the rapid evolution of IP cameras opens the door to using automatic LPR solutions in many other fields. Depending on your needs, they can help you multiply your levels of efficiency, safety and customer service

Our LPR solutions are made up of an Axis camera and a software application from one of our technology partners, which runs on the camera itself or on a server. This solution captures the license plate in real time, compares it or adds it to a predefined list, and then takes the corresponding action, such as opening a gate, adding a cost or generating an alert. Depending on the light available in the area, the solution will require cameras with integrated IR light or complementary light sources to ensure optimal results.

Automatic registration recognition is a solution that can be very useful for numerous applications, such as:

- Car park management, where you can facilitate or even automate payment, entry and exit
- Toll roads, for the implementation of an electronic toll system
- Traffic management at airports, so that only authorized vehicles access the public transport and taxi lanes
- Access control, to open the gate only to vehicles with authorization and automatically register all vehicles of visitors
- Alerts on vehicles, so that the solution sends an automatic alert when the presence of a vehicle included in the watch list is detected

Surveillance in vehicles

Do you need to protect your drivers, passengers, goods or vehicles? Our proven vehicle surveillance solutions will not fail you. They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, but without giving up simple operation thanks to features such as:

- Remote monitoring of live video
- HDTV video recordings
- Automatic alerts in case of camera manipulation
- Flexible and economical installation

Our vehicle surveillance solutions can withstand vibration and, thanks to the HDTV image quality and the Wide Dynamic Range, light fluctuations during the ride are no problem. Our cameras comply with all applicable regulations for use inside vehicles.

Network video is ideal for wireless transmission via 3G / 4G / LTE, mesh network and Wi-Fi, allowing your embedded system to receive remote assistance quickly and easily. In addition, you can integrate other functions such as GPS, accelerometer and an alarm button for the driver to send instantaneous security alerts to your system.

With our solutions, embedded systems can adapt video quality to the available bandwidth connection while simultaneously recording an onboard video stream at the highest frame rate and maximum video quality. Recordings can be stored inside the camera or on vehicle computers and NAS-like network storage devices. In addition, high-quality incident recordings of vehicles can be extracted wirelessly to minimize costs and reduce research time.

Our on-board surveillance solutions are ideal for:

- Public transport systems: buses, trains, trams, etc.
- Emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances or fire trucks
- Trucks, delivery vans and other vehicles used to transport goods and packages
- Armored trucks
- Vehicles in the construction sector, such as dumpers, graders and excavators
- Taxis and passenger transport vehicles.

People counting

If you are looking for a cost-effective and proven system to know how many people are passing through your facility, our video-based counting solutions can be the answer. Together with our partners, we help you:

- Measure the number of customers, visitors or passengers
- Evaluate and improve marketing and promotional activities
- Optimize staff schedules and daily operations
- Analyze and share important statistics on the transit of people

Adding a people counting solution to your IP network can not be easier. The information is obtained from the video analytics software installed in the cameras to guarantee their maximum accuracy and reliability. The camera is usually placed in the upper part of the area whose traffic people want to control. And authorized users can access real-time data and historical information from any computer or smartphone.

There are many organizations that rely on our intelligent people counting solutions. Applications include:

- Store owners can automatically calculate conversion rates and evaluate the results of their campaigns

- Traffic managers can improve bus schedules and determine appropriate rental levels for different buses.
of their stations

- Airports can adapt staff schedules to real needs

- Museums and companies organizing events can obtain automatic statistics on the number of visitors

Perimeter protection

Whatever the perimeter you want to protect, you need a security solution that you can rely on day and night, however complicated weather or lighting conditions. A perimeter protection solution detects potential and actual intrusion threats, and allows you to act quickly when the threat becomes a reality.

Our perimeter protection solutions are based on thermal cameras that incorporate video analysis software. They can "see" in absolute darkness and generate automatic alerts when a person enters a predefined area within the camera's field of view. In this way, it is much easier to identify suspicious activities before an intrusion occurs and visually verify what is happening before reacting.
The solution can be easily integrated with existing IP cameras, foci, loudspeakers and security systems for optimum performance..

Axis Perimeter Protection Solution

Detect, verify, act, observe how it works!

Three possible levels of solution

Depending on the security requirements, three levels of perimeter protection can be defined

High level

It is designed to ensure continuous operation and optimum protection of facilities such as power plants, airports, water companies and high risk production sites. Thermal cameras, low light cameras, PTZ cameras and a powerful video management system are integrated into an existing security and access control system to become a key part of your incident management solution. Cameras use advanced software to detect the presence of intruders and other potential threats, and send alerts. In addition, the system allows instant sharing of live video and recorded images with police and other predefined users

Intermediate level

It is basically designed for medium-sized and campus industries and companies, with the aim of preventing theft, intrusion and damage to the facilities. When an intrusion is detected, the thermal camera that has detected it turns on the lights, activates a siren and tells a PTZ camera to focus on the area of the incident. Live video is sent to the watchmen on guard, and PTZ cameras can be used to track the intruder.

Basic level

An economical solution for fenced communities and small industries and companies to avoid from thefts to damages in the property. The thermal cameras installed in the perimeter detect possible intruders and alert them of their presence automatically, which allows taking measurements from the image shown by the cameras.

Sound Detection

Prior to a security incident, some noise is common. If you are exposed to incidents where aggressive behavior, broken shots or broken glass are common, cameras with sound detection can multiply the effectiveness of your security system. With its special features, you can receive an alert when potential and actual incidents occur, and act quickly to minimize the consequences.

The solution consists of an Axis camera in which a software application from one of our partners has been installed to have advanced video / audio analytics. The camera "listens" all the time for predefined noises and activates an alert when it hears something. This operation allows security operators to act with maximum speed, since they can evaluate the situation by watching the live video of the camera that issued the alert and others located nearby. In addition, it is possible to reinforce the system by installing loudspeakers, which allows to communicate at a distance and immediately with the cause of the incidents to prevent the situation from going further.

The cameras with audio analytics contribute proactivity to its passive surveillance system. They allow remote action in different situations in which a few seconds can make a difference, such as:

- Public transportation systems, in which professionals and passengers may be exposed to persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs or causing public disorder. Early detection of assaults reduces the risk of violence, as it allows intervention in the phase of verbal violence, before physical aggression occurs.

- Prisons and correctional facilities, adding a new problem-finding tool in an environment where inmates often deliberately avoid looking at the camera.

- Small shops at night, since automatic acoustic alerts can reduce response time in case of aggression or violent robbery. And if the establishment is closed at night, the solution can send an alert automatically in the event of a broken crystal to intervene quickly in case of theft.