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With the integration of BOSCH products we offer you a wide range of solutions. Our solutions guarantee you a simple installation and maximum flexibility to adapt to your new and / or current needs.

IP Cameras

Cameras that use sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuits to reproduce what your eyes see

Analog Cameras

Optical analog cameras for standard and high resolution day and night applications, all using superior imaging technology

Cod / Decoders

High-performance video encoders and decoders designed to meet the growing demand for analog / IP hybrid systems

Recording and Storage

Wide range of qiabarca recording solutions from standard resolution in small businesses with a single camera, to enterprise networks that operate with hundreds of cameras

Video Software

Powerful and versatile management solutions that fully control your video surveillance infrastructure

Servers and Workstations

High availability recording / operation / display units

Video Monitors

High-resolution, high-definition monitors deliver exceptional image quality and innovative features designed for professional video installations

Matrix and Keyboards

Systems and accessories that allow to display video of standard resolution in any camera connected to the monitor of the operator and can be scaled to support up to 6000 cameras


Accessories for professional installations


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The diversity of roles played by today's airports poses important security challenges. For this reason, airports must meet the most demanding requirements with regard to security, communications and building automation. These challenges include the following:
- Protection of passengers and employees
- Prevention of terrorism in all its possible forms: bomb threats, suicide attacks, sabotage and aircraft hijacking
- Management of fires and explosions
- Management of a wide variety of different access authorizations

Managing these challenges is a daunting task, since there are many areas to be monitored: perimeters, parking structures, terminals and other passenger facilities, parking platforms, airfields, shops, restaurants, etc. Bosch Security Systems solutions help airports address these security, protection and communications challenges.

Solutions for trains

In recent years the transport industry has become more vulnerable to threats to safety. One of the biggest challenges is to protect train stations, where it is crucial to ensure the safety of passengers, employees, assets, infrastructure, and all assets against potential threats. Railway stations are committed to diversifying both indoor and outdoor facilities such as roads, underground corridors, parking areas for bicycles and cars, buildings and facilities for storing luggage and parking trains as well as their wagons. All this presents a great challenge in terms of ensuring protection, security and communications, such as:

- Prevention and response to terrorist attacks such as bomb threats, suicide attacks or sabotage
- Reaction and prevention of fires and explosions associated with the storage of flammable liquids on the premises.
- Identification and checking of abandoned luggage
- Management of a wide variety of access authorizations
- In emergency situations efficient and timely evacuation

Bosch Security Systems solutions help manage these security, protection and communication challenges.

Stages and business centers

Although all leisure facilities pose a challenge for safety, in the case of sports venues the situation is especially accentuated. These facilities, which regularly host thousands of people, must comply with very strict building automation, communication, security and protection criteria. Among the security risks for the interior of a stadium are fires, riots, vandalism and terrorist attacks. As for the outside, there are similar risks for spectators waiting to enter the stadium or leave the stadium after the game.

The safety of people is our top priority.

Society is progressing continuously in all facets of life and this improvement is also reflected in the construction and renovation of sports stadiums, many of which have become authentic contemporary urban references. Since personal safety is the highest priority, the only responsible alternative is to employ the best and most advanced technology, such as Bosch Security Systems products, which offer the perfect solution to satisfy all the requirements of sports venues in security, protection and communication.

Safety, protection and effective communication for sports facilities

Major sporting events pose the following security challenges:

- Prevention and / or response to terrorist attacks, fires, riots and vandalism
- Special protection for athletes and their equipment
- Need to separate the public in different areas (for example, separating fans from the visiting team in football matches)

The solutions of Bosch Security Systems help to manage the constant challenges in security, protection and communication of the sports and leisure facilities.

Energy sector and utilities

The energy and utilities sector includes facilities for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy of all types. This sector includes facilities to guarantee the supply of water and the extraction, refining and transport of oil or products derived from this material and chemical plants, as well as power plants.

All these assets and systems have one thing in common: any breach in their security can seriously threaten public health, the environment, the economy or even national or international security. Therefore, we can find the following security, protection and communications challenges:

- Prevention of possible terrorist attacks and vandalism
- Management of fires and explosions in adverse environments
- Evacuation in the shortest possible time efficiently
- Detection of intruders, sabotage and malicious attacks
- Management of a wide variety of different access authorizations
- Resistance to extreme environments and diverse climatic conditions

Bosch offers a wide range of products including special products like explosion-protected day / night cameras, infrared illuminators and long-distance cameras. With these products, Bosch Security Systems solutions help energy and utilities facilities manage these security, life and property, and communication challenges.

Industry solutions

Safety is a fundamental aspect of our lives. We rely on good systems to prevent crime, warn us before we even face danger, maintain effective communication between groups, or simply to make things go safely and easily. Bosch has an answer for this. With its great experience, Bosch is our partner now and in the future.


For travelers, hotels are a safe haven, like home but away from it. To make your customers feel totally safe, protected, and to overcome the communication challenges that include:

- Prevention of possible terrorist attacks and vandalism
- Management of fires and explosions
- Urgent evacuation of people when necessary
- Detection of intrusion and other crimes
- Management of a wide variety of access authorizations

Bosch Security Systems solutions for hotels help maximize security, protection and overcome the challenges of communications.


Banks, where risk management is absolutely fundamental, were among the first to install security systems. In addition, they remain among users with the highest expectations, which is quite understandable. Security systems continue to play an important role in managing internal risk in banks, which must meet incredibly stringent requirements for security and communications. Challenges include:

- Prevention of kidnappings and robberies
- Detection of vandalism and fraud at ATMs
- Integration of the concepts of security of people and facilities in banking processes
- Management of a wide variety of different access authorizations
- Guarantee of mechanisms of intrusion and alarms, detection of fires and constant control

Bosch Security Systems solutions help banks manage these security, protection and communications challenges.


The business of sale in shops is very competitive and is characterized by the few margins of profit. Theft, whether perpetrated by employees, thieves or others, can pose a great threat to the survival of a company.

The nature of the trade is that a large number of people have access to establishments, for example, to deliver merchandise or to buy. Due to these potential risks, establishments must meet the most stringent criteria regarding security, communications and automation of the premises. These affect security challenges such as the following:

- Prevention of unaccounted and accidental inventory losses
- Detection of intruders and theft of staff or other persons
- Management of a wide variety of different access authorizations
- Management of fires and explosions

Bosch Security Systems solutions help marketers address these security, protection and communications challenges.

Government buildings

Government facilities such as legislative assemblies, town halls and courtrooms serve a wide range of functions. They are used to hold meetings, conferences and debates, parliamentary votes and for many other purposes. These facilities have demanding communication needs, such as state-of-the-art sound quality and simultaneous interpretation systems. At the same time, they must ensure the safety of participants, employees and visitors. Government buildings, therefore, face challenges in terms of safety, protection of lives and property, and communications:

- Provision of state-of-the-art conference systems
- Management of a wide variety of different access authorizations for high security areas
- Detection of intruders, sabotage and malicious attacks
Management of fires and explosions
- Provision of video surveillance for all activities
- Evacuation of staff quickly and efficiently when necessary

Bosch Security Systems solutions help government facilities address these security, protection and communications challenges.


Schools, universities, kindergartens and other educational institutions are used to meet, live and learn. In the world in which we live, full of violence, vandalism and robberies, it is necessary to create a safe environment, and not only within the classroom. That is why there are extremely demanding security and communications requirements, such as the following:

- Protection of students and employees
- Prevention of theft and loss
- Management of a wide variety of different access authorizations
- Evacuation of staff quickly and efficiently when necessary
- Clear warnings for all installations
- Management of fires and explosions

Bosch Security Systems solutions help educational institutions address these security, protection and communications challenges.

Success stories

Urbanizations Cuevas de Menga Sevilla - CCTV - 2016

After an initial contact with our commercial department, the administrator of a group of houses located in Seville, requests us to monitor and record images of the main accesses to it.

In response to this communication, a basic system is installed and adjusted in price with the following characteristics:

 DVR - 440 (1 u.)

4 channel analog video recorder

Minidome (3 u.)

Day / Night with IR LEDs. Image Sensor 1/3 ", 650VTL

Video Balun (6 u.)

Coaxial / UTP converter without power


Metallic 400 X 300 x 150 with lock


Plumbing, cabling and integration


A maintenance service of 36 months is contracted, with 2 annual revisions of the equipment installed

Success stories

European Institution, 2015

European Institution asks us to extend its CCTV system, to improve its service. To this end, the surveillance in the emergency doors of the building is reinforced with new cameras and the integration in the existing system is carried out. In addition, the installation of a set of push buttons for opening emergency doors, a strobe flash and a card reader for access control.

(5 u.)

Night / day camera, compact with high resolution (570 TVL)

Video Balun
(10 u.)

Coaxial / UTP converter without power supply

(5 u.)

Push button emergency door with key


Flash warning opening emergency doors

Card reader

ICLASS Proximity Reader


Channels, cabling and integration into CCTV system and intrusion

Success Stories

European Institution, 2013

By 2013, our client is requesting the extension of his CCTV, adding a Bosch CCTV Encoder / Recorder, equipment consisting of an analog-to-IP video encoder and a PC-based recorder along with 8 analog cameras. The supply and installation of these equipment was made in the first quarter of 2013. Since then they have been in continuous operation 24 X 7 X 365


PC-Based Recorder


Analog video encoder

Analog Cameras

Set of 8 cameras from different manufacturers


Channels, wiring and integration into CCTV system